May 24, 2021 7:11 am

Dear Member

The Board and I wanted to update you on Fengrain’s activities during this current period of uncertainty with both the Coronavirus and continued challenges with the weather and plantings. You have no doubt been the recipient of a multitude of correspondence with respect to the virus issue and therefore we will not seek to repeat many of the information updates. Needless to say, much like yourselves, Fengrain is considered part of the food supply industry and is striving to support the industry by remaining operational, whilst ensuring the protection and safety of all its staff and stakeholders. Fengrain is adhering to the government’s advice and protocols. Fengrain remains operational for your administration, contracts and store loadings. However, please keep updated with the website.

Below are key contact details if required
Kevin Cooper
Lucie Kisby
Danny Ling
Jonni Henson Frontier

With the continued difficulty on plantings, Fengrain and Frontier are extending the return date for your grain returns on 20th April and store commitment to the end of April. We hope this will help you. Your Frontier farm trader will be able to assist you if required.

Many thanks
Kevin Cooper
Managing Director