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Grain Storage Facilities

Fengrain’s site is made up of 3 flat stores and over 30 silos holding a capacity of 93,000 tonnes of combinable crops. This site is registered with Trade Assured Scheme for Combinable Crops which is audited annually by Kiwa.

With its drying and processing facilities on site it can offer efficient storage, drying and processing on all combinable crops.

Fengrain offer value for money storage with a solution for all combinable crops.
The size of the site and the number of locations allow Fengrain to maximise value for all grades.


Fengrain prides itself on Technical Assurance of our Grain. Our modern well equipped laboratory is managed to industry leading standards by experts and fully audited. The lab is linked to NIR network and participates in proficiency schemes so that test results are accurate and in line with the rest of the industry. Expert management of grain quality testing ensures grain supplied to consumers meets contract specifications and complies with food safety laws.

Moisture meter clinics are run pre harvest and advice is given freely to members throughout the year.

Fengrain has public weighbridge facilities on site with trained weighbridge operators.


Fengrain are proud to be in a Marketing partnership with Frontier Agriculture* who is the UK’s leading crop production and grain marketing business. Frontier was formed in 2005 as a joint venture between Associated British Foods plc and Cargill inc. Operating across all aspects of arable crop production and grain marketing, Frontier supplies seed, crop protection products and fertiliser to farmers, as well as providing specialist agronomy advice through our team of 160 agronomists. With the partnership with Frontier Fengrain Storage Members can access Frontier’s pool marketing as well as benefiting from their excellent relationships with many of the largest grain consumers both home and abroad.